About Us:

When it comes to reliable online casino platforms in Singapore, WS88 is a name to be trusted. We have developed and nurtured our roots in Singapore for over 8 years now. Throughout the years, we have improved our online casino platform to suit and cater to the demands of enthusiastic casino players who have always been on the lookout for a stable and secure casino site. With our years of gaming experience, we have a solid support team and an excellent customer service team who are available 24 hours to assist you with your questions and gambling concerns. Being one of the best and leading pioneers in this massively growing online industry, WS88 has achieved thousands of loyal clients enjoying our casino platform for years now. Additionally, we have an average of 250 new members every month, and thousands of active members on our platform monthly. As we are long term in this online casino industry, we ensure that we are always updated with the latest and freshest digital casino games and trends. Our aim has always been to offer a wonderful online user experience for our clientele by ensuring that our casino site is secure, seamless, and user friendly. In this age of innovative technologies and smart devices, WS88 aims to be the top online casino platform that provides the latest online casino games, easy and secure access sites to the gaming market. We are imaginative, pioneering, and always on our toes, always eager to grab every chance we get in the industry. As a growing company, we constantly challenge ourselves to achieve what no one else has done previously. We strive to give a remarkable end-client experience as well as excellent customer care. We are always sensitive to our customers' needs and preferences as our driving stone to continuously improve.

Responsible Gaming
WS88 is committed to giving our clients a responsible and safe gaming environment. Our goal is to provide our clientele with the most amazing gambling experience and help avert underage access to our online gaming platform. As a regulated, responsible online gaming company, we make it a point to always comply with all the guidelines published by the Singapore board. It guarantees that approved gaming products are transparently and properly monitored and observed to provide maximum player protection. Since allowing minors to participate in any gambling activities is an offense, WS88 does not allow individuals below 18 years old to play its poker or casino games.

We are among the highest trusted online casino platforms, so we take pride in ensuring our clients have quick, safe, and easy access to register, login, and play. We've tapped into our years of expertise and experience to build a secure and safe platform for all our loyal Singaporean clients to come, play, and enjoy. Also, we made sure to provide the best and most accommodating on-site customer service to make playing on our site a totally worthy gaming experience!

Overall Excellent Experience
We value the trust that our clients put in us, and we believe that our competence to provide an excellent overall gaming experience is basic to our casino platform's niche. We've always been established to be the most reliable and trustworthy online casino in Singapore, and we give back to our customers by offering exciting bonuses and enjoyable games to our clients. We at WS88 recognize our stimulating variety of casino games, such as Poker, Sportsbook, Slot. Our most pressing desire is to ensure we give the best and only the best for our clientele.