WS88 always strives to improve transaction efficiency for you, save transaction time and effort. Till date, we provide you with a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options for you to choose from. Please refer to the following list of deposit and withdrawal methods to choose the most suitable transaction method for you

交易类型 交易上限 所需时间
最底 最高
自动取款机转账 30.00 100,000.00 5 分钟
提款 30.00 50,000.00 5-30 分钟

Notes for deposit and withdrawal:

  • The minimum transaction limit is based on the total amount of each transaction.
  • The maximum transaction limit is based on the total daily transaction volume.
  • High withdrawal amount may take longer to complete.
  • Only after we have received and confirmed your transaction request, we will officially start processing the relevant request.
  • Please note that if your account still has any dividends owed, you cannot make a withdrawal request. You can only make a withdrawal request after the profit request is fulfilled.