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At WS88, we bring you the latest frontier in online betting. Esports is played between teams of gamers worldwide in tournaments spectated by millions of viewers online and have million-dollar prize pots. Place your bets and win big whilst enjoying the action on your screen!


If you are even slightly serious about being an esports bettor, you must've already studied numerous esports betting strategies. Most especially, a proper betting strategy is what can break or make a bettor! Well, if all past strategies managed to disappoint you, and you're still searching for that remarkable one, maybe we can lend a hand.
In the following sections, we'll do our best to discuss the new era of online esports betting and the best techniques to succeed as an esports bettor. There are various things to cover so we won't waste your time anymore.
Let's start with the basics, shall we?


Esports betting is a somewhat new kind of online betting that enables players to make real money wagering on various esports games. Several esports titles can vary from practically all games having a solid amount of esports presence. Game genres are unnecessary as far as esports wagering is concerned – FPS, RTS, MOBA, racing, and sports simulations are all very alike when talking about esports betting.
Wagering on esports is a relatively common sight to see presently. However, a couple of years ago, that wasn't the case at all. Hardly anyone recognized esports, especially esports betting strategy – but we're talking about a growing industry here, so it's no surprise trends shift.


Like any other sport, Esports needs at least two players or teams who'll compete against each other. The events are mostly part of a knockout tournament. Whether a player or team wins the game depends on the match.
Each game has an official set of guidelines and rules. That also means that a referee or committee is directing each play. And players get disqualified or penalized once they don't follow these rules.


Individuals who have experience with sports betting can skip this part because Esports betting is the same as sports betting. Still, there is a small catch. Esports betting is far more unpredictable than the traditional one. So, do your research before wagering!

The initial step is understanding all the possible options. Like sports betting, there are various options to increase your total odds.

Handicap lines: Handicap is a bit more advanced. For instance, there is a heavy favorite in a matchup. The probabilities for that team are probably very low. In this case, you can pick a handicap bet. With the handicap, you predict the team has to win with an overhead.

Totals: There is also an option to wager on the match statistics, such as total kills, deaths, or points.

Proposition bets: The last option is proposition bets. These specials bets go about crazy parts of the game or match. For instance, how many kills a particular player gets? Or who gets the first blood?


That shouldn't come as a shock. The most famous Esport is Fortnite. Fortnite is a third-person shooter game developed by Epic Games, a battle royale, and has the greatest number of gamers online at the same time. An astonishing amount of 200 million.

The goal of the game? Players or teams have to defeat each other until they are the last men standing. It sounds pretty straightforward. However, the competition is killing. No wonder Fornite provides one of the biggest prize pools in e-sport history.

Besides Fortnite, the eSport industry organizes more game tournaments with big prize pools. For instance, League of Legends or Dota 2. Two entirely different games than Fortnite. These games are called MOBA's, which stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. On the contrary to Fortnite, players need to destroy an end objective to win the game.


Tip 1: Do your research

The first piece of advice doesn't have much in common with Fortnite. However, the advice applies to all forms of online gambling. So the golden rule in becoming a successful gambler: Do your research!

Before you start betting, you must research the match or game. For instance, which players are participating? Or which teams are competing? Then check the statistics of individual players or teams. Study their previous placements, winning streaks, and tournament history.

After a while, distinguish the best players and teams from the lesser ones. These players and teams are your favorite picks. Now you start making up your bet slip. Begin with the easy matchups. The odds are probably low. However, the base of your bet slip is essential.

To increase your odds, start adding handicaps. But, only apply this option to your absolute favorites. At last, always make up your strategy. And never follow advice blindly from friends or the internet.

Tip 2: Get familiar with the best players

To get back to the previous paragraph, get familiar with the best players of the tournament. Fortnite matches are usually played during games. Before the tournament begins, you want to have at least a top 3 of players. During the tournament, watch out for underdogs who perform well. The odds of these underdogs can be very lucrative.

Also, learn which statistics characterize a player. You can utilize this information to your advantage by betting on props. Proposition betting is a wager based on events during the match. For instance, the player that gets the first kill. Or which player gets the most kills at the end of the game?

Tip 3: Analyze results

A money line wager is a straight wager on whoever is the winner of a play. Based on the Sports Betting Guide, Moneylines also link to other bets to indicate the payout quantity of that wager. A negative money line indicates you must wager that much in order to win $100, while a positive Moneyline indicates you win that much for a bet of $100. Favorites will have a negative money line every time, underdogs have a positive one.


Start analyzing the results of your previous bets. Analyzing sounds pretty dull. However, the ability to learn from your mistakes is beneficial. Or even better, note down what decisions you made for each bet slip. Use an Excel sheet to organize your bet slips and comments quickly.

It helps to analyze your decisions for each bet. In the end, you will learn from your mistakes, become a better bookie and earn more money.

You might think, why would this be helpful. The answer is quite simple. In some cases, you discover that you lost one particular match. So next time you make your bet slip, why don't you make two? Two almost identical bet slips where you only change the specific game. You can apply this strategy for more matchups and bet slips. Therefore, you can evenly spread your chances over multiple bets.

Do your research, get familiar and analyze results. If you consistently apply these tips on Fortnite Esports betting. We are sure that you start to earn money. Apart from our recommendations, we advise betting at certified Esports bookmakers. Luckily, we also provided our best Bookmakers.

Our extensive list of answers to the questions we find is often asked when eSport online betting, eSports in general, and about the betting sites. So, peruse at your leisure to learn the answers to your queries.

E-sports is the term we use to enclose all forms of competitive gaming.

Games such as Defense of the Ancients 2, League of Legends, Hearthstone, StarCraft 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are all examples of e-sports, and there are many more.

These games are played between teams of gamers worldwide in tournaments spectated by millions of viewers online and have million-pound prize pots.

E-Sports are as accessible for wagering as any traditional sport that you know of.

The primary legal restrictions that apply to traditional live sports betting will apply to eSports betting too. And no, you don't have to be a gamer to bet on e-sports any more than you have to be a footballer to wager on football. E-sports offer many fantastic video coverages for free online using websites such as YouTube and Twitch. You can use these to know all about these games without ever having played eSports at all.

E-Sports is a massively thriving market that has already reached colossal popularity and is expected to thrive even further in the coming years. It's estimated that presently, 135 million individuals watch e-sports globally.

As e-sports have grown over the past few years, the gambling industry has thrived alongside it. It has opened a brand new market for wagering, attracting new people to the betting market with its exciting opportunities and increased enjoyment of watching e-sports.

The "best odds" is a relative phrase, and it's all about value. If you are offered even odds on a gamble for one team to win a match, but they are dead sure for winning it, that is a great value.

Nonetheless, if you are offered longer odds of 4/1 to wager on the other team, which is sure to lose, well, that is not a great value; you are just throwing your money away.

It depends on how much you have in your staking bankroll, how well you understand the value and the odds, and how well you know the matches and the probability of the result.

A lot of people say that you cannot beat the bookmaker, but that isn't true if you are a rational and informed gambler.

Across an extended period, you can wager as much or as little as you like on eSports.

A few bookmakers may limit how much you can place on a single wager or how much you could withdraw in one go, but other than that, it is really about what you are comfortable spending.