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Are you a punter looking for the best casino in Singapore? Well, then you have reached the right destination. WS88 delivers a dynamic gaming experience in a secure environment.
Welcome to WS88 Singapore where the action starts and the fun never stops! An online casino with a rock-solid reputation. We offer plenty of rewards for our valued players. Including 100% Welcome Bonus, and FREE weekly credits for loyal customers.

Our online casino uses the latest secure gaming technology to deliver the ultimate gaming experience. We feature a various exciting casino games such as Sportsbook, Slot games, Live casino, Lottery. With our years of gaming experience in Singapore, we have a solid support team and an excellent customer service team who are available 24 hours to assist you with your questions and gambling concerns. Being one of the best and leading pioneers in this massively growing online industry, WS88 has achieved thousands of loyal clients enjoying our casino platform for years now. Additionally, we have an average of 250 new members every month, and thousands of active members on our platform monthly. As we are long term in this online casino industry, we ensure that we are always updated with the latest and freshest digital casino games and trends.

Before beginning your gambling adventure, you must want to know about the legality of online betting Singapore. Contrary to rumours out there, you CAN gamble in Singapore. The experience can be magnificent.

To offer some more information on this subject, and to provide some context- there are four primary laws that relate to gambling in Singapore.
1. The Common Gaming Houses Act
2. The Betting Act
3. The Private Lotteries Act
4. The Betting and Sweepstake Duties Act.

When examining these laws, you would be led to believe that playing in Singapore is a big no-no. However, it pays to know more. Singapore approved The Casino Control Act in 2006 to allow casinos in Singapore- this established a framework of licensed casinos targeted mainly at tourists- local residents were often discouraged and dissuaded from paying and playing. Once inside a licensed casino, all the options are available including slots, baccarat, blackjack and roulette.

Legal online casinos rarely exist in Singapore owing to the lack of a legal issuance framework regarding the same. However, it is widely agreed upon that all Singaporeans can enjoy gambling online from the comfort of their home. Cashing this opportunity, WS88 has been offering a top-quality collection of online casino games along with SGD currency and Mala and Chinese translation/gaming options for Singaporean residents.

A massive plus of WS88 online casino in Singapore is the strong internet speed. This means you can play all the games with ultimate 3D real money games, eye-catching graphics, with practically zero waiting time for games to load. All players can enjoy the excellent Casino experience in Singapore from the comfort of their home on the laptop or mobile phone.

WS88 always takes care of the fact that every bet, transaction, win is 100% valid and authentic. We ensure that not a single customer gets scammed; we strive 100% to ensure this. WS88 is the most trusted online casino in Singapore among the players owing to its 100% guaranteed fair payout, real money, and big jackpots.

All transactions are absolutely secure and protected using multiple SSL secure encryption. At WS88 online casino, you can make transactions with convenience, as there is a wide variety of withdrawal and deposit methods for you to pick and choose from such as:
• Online Bank Transfer
• Local Singapore Bank Transfer
We ensure that you will never be worried about the money matters and payouts woes while being with us. With WS88 you will get prompt and convenient payouts, deposits, and withdraws so you can have an unparalleled casino experienc. We are legit, and everything related to us is genuine as trustworthy as well. We will never let you worry about your money and transactions. In case you are concerned regarding anything, our helpful customer support guys are always there at your service.

Any reputable online casino should offer a variety of games for your choosing. They should also offer a casino gaming experience that is close to real-life, similar to playing in the Marina Bay Sands or Resorts World Sentosa casino in terms of communication and dealership. Here are several games available in our WS88 online casino that you can choose from:

Live Casino
We have a dedicated live casino Singapore where you can wager on any game in real-time with the help of croupiers and players. Play anywhere and anytime, get amazing offers and experience of playing live casino where an actual player is dealing with cards and taking bets from all corners of the world. The good thing is, you can also chat with other players as well as the dealer while playing online live casino Singapore.
There is a lot of subcategories in these table games, but the most sought ones include Roulette, Poker online, live blackjack, and Baccarat. You can access a variety of Products in WS88 that you can choose from. Here is an overview of types of live casino games.

Online Roulette
Live roulette uses the same process as the land-based casino games. However, the offline gaming experience is quite slow due to its human interface compared with online live casinos. The game involves throwing a ball on a marked roulette wheel and monitor it until it settles on a marking that determines the winner.

Online poker
Virtual casinos offer a variety of live poker games such as card poker, Caribbean Stud, and Texas Casino Holdem. The live dealer will provide the rules to follow and keeps a dialogue with the players while handling the cards. The cards use a particular machine to shuffle them.

Live BlackJack
In this game, the live dealer usually shuffles the cards similar to a conventional setting. The shuffling might seem like an advantage to players who have counting skills. However, the possibility is eliminated using a program built by popular developers such as SA gaming, Game Play Asia Gaming, and Play Tech. The software has a design that does not allow used cards to transfer to the shoe, and the dealer usually cut the used card halfway to avoid any chances of calculating.

Baccarat Online
In live baccarat, players wager as if sitting at the table in a casino. The player competes against the dealer to determine whose hand will have a higher value. Players projects which hand can win or if it will be a tie to win a single round. There are different types of live baccarat with the most famous being Baccarat Squeeze and Live Speed Baccarat.
Baccarat Squeeze is similar to the traditional version, but with a little twist. The concept of “squeeze” involves bending cards to tease what the value of the card might be to players. In the online version, different camera angles can be used to achieve the objective of the game.
In Live Speed Baccarat, the game moves more quickly and allows players to play more hands in a shorter timeline compared to the traditional baccarat. This works best for players who have experience with the game.

Sic Bo
Sic bo is a casino game that started in ancient China and is played with three dice. The dice are picked by the dealer in a small chest then uses the chest to shake the dice until he or she is ready to reveal the combination of the dice. If the dice combination wagered is rolled, the player wins. Different combinations come with different wins but generally, live Sic bo is based on luck.

Slots Online
An online slot Singapore offers a similar gaming experience to a live one, which features a machine that has a series of numbers and a wheel that the player can pull. The best Singapore online casino provides safe and secure casino gaming for online slot games that have the state of the art technology, protecting every detail of the play. It also offers a wide range of games online to choose from, which makes the game as exciting as possible, including progressive jackpots, video poker, 918kiss and Pussy888 slots and more.
The slot games also provide excellent bonuses such as welcome bonus up to 100%, high chances of winning to get high payout, and a lot of other immense awards. Popular game developers such as Asia Gaming, Game Play, and Play Tech have put the slot games online to the test to make sure that they meet all the requirements that every player expects to get. Try out some of the free spins Online Slots Products provided by our website to enjoy an array of thrill and fun that the results from the slot games available that we have to offer.

Sports Betting
If you are a sports enthusiast, you can relate the thrill that comes when betting for your favorite teams and players. Singapore sport betting offers a wide range of sportsbooks online to bet on, making it one of the best sports betting platform in Singapore. It provides friendly platforms that have a wide selection of sports betting to choose from.
Some of the leagues featured in the platforms include J-League and S-League. WS88 also has foreign leagues such as the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, Holland Eredivise, UEFA Champions League, and Europa League casino gaming.

4D Lottery Online
4D Lottery online is a popular gambling game among Singaporean players that has rooted itself as a culture in Singapore. Its appeal cuts across people of different ages, ethnic lines, and class. The game involves selecting four lucky numbers from 0000-9999 to achieve a relevant draw. The game requires a winner to match his or her four numbers with the winning-4 digit numbers.
The prize-winning real money depends on the general rules provided by the company providing the game. Some of the famous 4D players in Singapore include Sports TOTO, Magnum 4D, and Da Ma Cai. 4D Sports Toto Betting offers the best 4D experience that you can ever imagine. Toto 4D provides a simple interface that you can select your legal online bets and get your Toto 4D results within the shortest time possible.

Winning Tips & Tricks in a Legal Online Casino Singapore
At WS88, you will have the best casino experience in Singapore. We make sure that you make the most out of your casino experience in Singapore by providing you exclusive insider tips and tricks to win more and win big!
Our team at WS88 Singapore Casino constantly shares some amazing winning tips and tricks with you through our blog articles. These articles are mainly related to all aspects of online gambling in Singapore.
We will enlighten you about all the exclusive tips and tricks pertaining to anything and everything related to online gambling in Singapore. Be it the online slot games, online sports betting, fishing games, or even the live casino, etc., the exclusive Singapore gambling platform walkthrough guides will provide you the best winning techniques and tricks no matter what.