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WS88 offers you a chance to wager and win big! Stunning graphics provide an immersive Virtual Sporting experience. Virtual Sports are simulations of real-life sports, you can access a comprehensive line-up of games to bet on whenever you feel like it. That's 24 hours a day and seven days a week of excitement and fun all year round.


Virtual sports has established itself in the online community since its inception. Most of their allure stemmed from the fact that they offer bettors a chance to wager and win 24/7. Moreover, their advanced graphics provide an immersive gaming experience. These exceptional features further add to their appeal. However, while the pros of online betting are gushing about them, beginners might be clueless.

If you're among those who don't understand what on earth virtual sports are, no worries because we created this guide just for you. We don't want you missing the excitement and fun of virtual sports betting. So, we'll lead you through the exciting world of virtual sports. Let's have a closer look at this section of online sports betting that you haven't traversed before.


Virtual sports are those computer-generated sporting games that are inspired by actual and fantasy sports. They are electronic simulations of classic sports such as basketball, soccer, horse racing, and others. They apply the complicated algorithms of RNG (Random Number Generator) to know the game's outcome.

If that sounds baffling, let's make it even simpler for you. Think of virtual sports as a combination of real-life sports, video games, and fantasy sports.

Top-notch game software developers build simulations of the most known sporting events. They include all the betting rules of real-life sports betting in all game software that they develop.

Then, they put in a security feature that will randomly generate the result of each game. These led to graphically sophisticated virtual games where you can play and bet on.

Because they are just simulations of real-life sports, you can access a comprehensive line-up of virtual sports to bet on whenever you feel like it. That's 24 hours a day and seven days a week of excitement and fun all year round.


As we have mentioned above, virtual sports use RNG to decide the event's outcome. However, other things come into play to ensure that results are not manipulated.

Imagine traditional sports or races where there are two or more competing parties. In real-life sports betting, there is a favorite and an underdog. The favorite has better abilities than the underdog. Game developers meticulously programmed each game to have these elements to make it more realistic.

If you think you'll win by placing your bet on the favorite, think again. Much like in traditional sports, the choice doesn't always win. That is where the RNG comes into play. It is an element of the algorithm that makes the outcome unpredictable. So, virtual sports work pretty much like slot machines.


Virtual sports betting means you're placing your bet on the outcome of a virtual sports game. It is pretty much the same as betting on traditional sports. The only thing that differs is that you are betting your money on a computer-generated outcome. The result is unpredictable, so you'll be at the edge of your seat the whole time.

If you like fast-paced action, you will love virtual sports betting because the games are over before you know it. Moreover, you will not wait that long before the next game to wager on begins.

The popularity of virtual sports betting has grown tremendously over the years. Many online sportsbooks that offer real sports betting now have a sizable list of virtual sports you can place your bet on. So, you won't have an issue looking for a bookmaker that offers virtual sports betting.


Because more and more online sports bettors are getting hooked on virtual sports, sportsbooks overflow with choices. There are virtual sports versions of almost all popular traditional sports. The following are some of the most popular ones:

Virtual Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the first-ever sports to have a simulated version. The Aintree Grand National, which is the biggest traditional horse race, even has its virtual counterpart. You can place your bet on virtual horse racing as you do on the traditional one.

Virtual Greyhound Racing

This virtual race follows the rules of virtual horse racing in terms of the betting market. You can bet on a greyhound to win until the end of each way.

Virtual Soccer

The soccer action you will see on virtual soccer is almost the same as the real ones. With virtual soccer, you'll never run out of betting markets to choose from.

Virtual American Football

You're in for a lot of similar American Football action on the virtual version of this game. You'll also have lots of betting market options.

Other Virtual Sports

Wagers of Totals, also famous as Over/Under wagers, are gambles on the entire points scored in an event. You might bet on the total score of the two teams or the total score for just the other team. Totals could be for an entire game or a fixed time of play during a game. The book puts a number, and you wager if the total points would either turn out to be Over or Under that number.


The first four on the list are some of the most popular ones, but the following aren't far behind:
• Basketball
• Speedway
• Motor Racing
• Tennis
• Cycling
• Cricket
• Darts


The type of game you'll choose to play will tell how you place your bets. The good news is that the betting process is straightforward. You don't need to be a genius to figure out how to wager. You only have to learn the basics, and you're good to go.

If you know how to bet on live sporting events, you'll find that the mechanics of virtual sports betting are the same. So, you can use the same methods you use on regular sportsbooks.

That means that betting on the event's winner is one of the most common bets you can wager, especially on games like football. You can base your wager on money lines and odds. You can try to predict the number of goals scored in the game in a soccer match, and you can place your bet on that. As for events like horse racing, you can make proposition bets.

Even if you're a rookie to betting, the methodology is not too complex for you to not understand.


Betting markets are particular types of bet on sporting events. For each event, bookmakers often offer multiple betting markets. Much like the stock markets' prediction markets, betting markets help you find odds for the sporting events you wish to wager on.


Not predicting the outcome of the game doesn't mean you will place your bets in total abandon. It would be best to exert an effort to have better chances of winning and keeping your losses at a minimum. If you are a beginner in this part of the online gambling industry, consider following these five tips for a more acceptable betting outcome.

Start With Small Bets

If you're only a beginner and still testing the waters, you should start betting at the lowest bet possible. With RNG as the deciding factor of each game's outcome, it is a highly volatile market. You can't tell what the ending will be. Placing small bets will keep you away from huge losses.

Do Not Always Back The Favorite, But Wager On Them More Often

Because you can't confidently predict the game's outcome, it is best to go for the outsiders from time to time. However, despite how random things can get, remember that favorites still have better abilities. Even if they are not the overall winner, they are more than likely to come in the 2nd or 3rd place. Therefore, placing your bet on the favorite somehow gives you a little return.

Choose A Sport With Few Betting Options

Multitudes of betting options equate to multiple ways to win, which means fewer chances for you to pick the right bet. So, you'll have higher chances of winning if you choose to bet on sports with fewer betting options.

Do Not Chase What You Have Lost

Experiencing a losing streak can be frustrating. However, increasing your wager in hopes of getting back what you've lost in case you win is a no-no. You might end up losing everything on your bankroll.

Do Not Gamble More Than What You Can Afford To Lose

Betting on a game with an unpredictable outcome means you could win big or lose everything. If you can't stay calm when you're losing in this game of chance, wager only what you can afford to lose.

With opportunities to gamble and win at any given time of the day or night, virtual sports are taking the online gambling world by storm. When you consider the reputation of sports simulation games like Madden, FIFA, and NBA 2K, it is no wonder that virtual sports betting has struck a chord with sports fans.

If you've ever wondered how virtual sports function and where to see the best virtual sports online betting games, this guide will take you through everything you have to know.

Virtual sports are computer-generated games in which complex algorithms determine the outcome. These games are often based on real sports, like soccer or horse racing, and played out visually on a screen.

Anyone who has ever played sports simulation games will understand how fun it can be to watch a simulation of a football or a soccer match, especially if you've got an interest in one of the teams.

Virtual sports utilize a random number generator to determine the result of a race or game. But there are complex mechanics behind virtual sports betting matches to create a fair, pre-decided outcome. It suggests punters will be on the edge of their seats following every single moment.

There is a common misconception among everyday players that virtual sports are fixed to guarantee the casino or sportsbook comes out on top. This is entirely untrue. Virtual sports follow the same rules and regulations that all other casino games.

It is easy to know how one might come to that conclusion. After all, the result is determined by the bookie's software, so there is an element of the unknown.

While virtual sports can be more unstable than real-life sports because of the random number generator(RNG), rest assured that these games are fair, and the sportsbook can not manipulate the outcome.

If you're familiar with gambling on real-life sports, then you will feel right at home looking at virtual sports markets. While there are fewer markets than you commonly get for actual sporting events, there are still numerous bet types.

The bet types available depends on the sport you are wagering on and the bookmaker you are playing with.

With virtual soccer betting, you could check out the odds before the game for a host of various markets: win – draw – win, correct score, over/under, and Asian handicaps.

Similarly, when it comes to race events like horse racing, you will find typical bets like win and each-way and tricast and forecast bets.

There are several virtual sports available to bet on in the US, and more are appearing all the time. Here are some of the most well-known games:
• Virtual soccer
• Virtual greyhound racing
• Virtual horse racing
• Virtual tennis
• Virtual motorsport
• Virtual football
• Virtual basketball
• Virtual cycling
• Virtual darts

The good thing about virtual sports is that you don't need any knowledge about the sport to get a head start. You don't have to know what ground conditions they enjoy, how to study a form guide of a horse or the trainer's record of standing a chance of winning. All you need to go on is the odds provided by the sportsbook, which makes it accessible to everyone.

Because of the fast-paced nature of virtual sports and the volatility of results, you should keep wagers smaller than you would commonly for actual sports.